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Illustration copyright © 2005 by Eric Velasquez

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ISBN: 061815972X

A Season for Mangoes

Set amid the rich culture and lush scenery of Jamaica, this moving book offers the hope of rediscovering joy after a loss and pays tribute to the remarkable power of story: to touch, to connect, and to heal.

"Through this gentle story of a Jamaican ‘sit-up’ for a beloved grandmother who has recently died, readers will learn much about the love of family, customs, and foods in the Jamaican culture.... [Y]oung readers will identify with the experience of remembering a loved one.... Velasquez renders his realistic paintings in brilliant jewel tones, capturing the mood.... The story is as sweet as the mango that Nana savored."
--Kirkus Reviews

"Velasquez's arresting paintings bring the dramatic Jamaican setting...and the expressive characters to life, as Jamaican-born Hanson clearly describes the cultural particulars and connections to African history.... [T]his is a powerful story about a young person’s...own personal goodbye to a beloved grandparent."

"The text offers an opening for discussing mourning rituals and practicing telling stories of lost loved ones."
--Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

"Rich, naturalistic, full-color oil paintings…genuine emotion, details of life, and focus on the value of storytelling."
--School Library Journal

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“...a powerful story about a young person’s...own personal goodbye to a beloved grandparent.”
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